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Sunday Adventure Paddle on the Wey

Sunday 5th of May 2019

Today’s paddle started in Send, by the Scout hut. 4 of us paddled upstream on the river Wey Navigation past the New Inn, Triggs Lock and all the way to Bowers Lock where we turned around.

On our way back we bypassed the weir to the right at Sutton place, and went down the ‘rapids’, well, let’s say it was more like an increase in water velocity :-). It is a narrower stretch of the Wey with bends and twists and some fallen trees we had to manoeuvre and duck under, but it was all passable.

Passing fallen trees

It was absolutely lovely and it made the paddle very interesting. We met swans, birds of prey, pheasants, cows, bulls and calves. We did 7.13 miles in total.

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