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Welcome to our Paddle Board Sessions page.

With the start of the training season very close we will be releasing out new training schedule very soon, at locations that suite where you live. We will publicise widely when the sessions are available to book.

Members will get discounts on most training sessions and all club sessions are free. Some of these club sessions are available to non-members for a small fee.

The new system will provide information on Group Coaching Sessions when they are released and available to book. Private sessions are available upon request.

If you haven’t paddle boarded before, then you will need to do a Paddle Board Taster Session. This will teach you about Safety on the water and the Rules of the River or Waterway. The equipment will be explained and then we get you out onto the water to teach you to control the board safely and ultimately stand up. Safety is at the core of what we teach.

If you have, but are very new to the sport of paddle boarding, then a Beginner improvement session is what you might need. We analyse your paddle stroke and improve it. We teach you how to control your board better. We also teach you more about safety.

After that then there we have further Paddle Board Training courses to meet your needs, whether this is learning to do Step-back Turns or Race Training.

If you are a board owner and want to join our community for free, why not sign up to our Comms System on Discord. You will be able to ask the community for advice.

When entering the new app, be sure to read the Welcome message and the Rules. Thank you. We hope to meet you on the water soon. https://discord.gg/ECqgXsT

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