Dittons Paddle Boarding

Godalming Cruise

Sunday 31st March 2019

Letting the battery pump take the strain

The weather wasn’t promising, but 2 of us arrived at the Beefeater in Godalming to go upstream as far as we could and do a little filming. The Paddlers were, Coco and Brett Scillitoe.

After reaching the Godalming road bridge, we passed through from ‘The Navigation’ to the River Wey, we managed to get as far as the next weir, near the Railway bridge. This is after getting under a foot bridge which had a small rapid underneath it. Going back the other way was fun.

Under Godalming Road Bridge

Further back towards the road bridge, I hit an underwater rock and was catapulted of my board. Fortunately, I had decided to wear my drysuit, which worked very well. Back on the board we explored one of the backwaters before heading back to pub and beer.

Maybe you would like to join us next time for more fun on The Wey?

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