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We have been paddling from the Guildford and Godalming area for over 2 years. The Guildford launch site is from the garden of The Row Barge. There is plenty of on street parking near by. Please don’t park in the pub car park without asking permission from the staff.

There are a couple of routes, uptream the Guildford City centre or downstream towards Send. The Row Barge staff are friendly and have a good selection of food and drink for when we come back.




The Godalming launch site is from the garden of the Beefeater Manor Inn. The Staff are happy for us to launch from here as we always come back for a recovery drink. As with the Row Barge launch site, please check with the Pub Staff that it is OK to park in the car park.

Here again there are couple of routes, upstream to Godalming Town centre or downstream towards Peasmarch and Shalford. There are also a number of backwaters to explore in the area.

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