Dittons Paddle Boarding

Girls out on a Tuesday

9th of july 2019

You never know who you’ll meet. As a member you will be added to our WhatsApp and FB groups. Then you will be able to see and communicate with other members, latest updates of what is going on at the different paddle bases. Pick and choose where you like to paddle. Equally if you have a day off in the week and you fancy a paddle, put the word out there, see if anyone is around to join in. ‘It is like going on a Blind Date’ somebody jokinly said, 😉 This is what happened today. I replied to somebody on the WhatsApp group, she suggested a paddle during the day this Tuesday. We decided to meet by the Anchor pub and paddle to the Priory ruins and back, on the river Wey. A lovely lady turned up and we had a great afternoon paddling. You will meet many new people and make new friends, why not become a member here!

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