Dittons Paddle Boarding

Weybridge to Laleham

Sunday 24th March 2019

It was a beautiful Spring day with a breeze from the west. It would mean we would be paddling into the current and wind on the way upstream, but then the ride home would be very easy.

Meeting up at D’Oly Carte Gardens

We pumped up quickly and headed to the river. The launch point at D’Oyly Carte Gardens is off a couple of jetties that are provided by Elmbridge Canoe Club. We, quickly headed upstream and ported passed Shepperton Lock and on towards Chertsey Bridge.

Passing Chertsey Meadows

At Chertsey Lock we said good bye to Richard Keeling, who had the head home to a prior commitment. The rest of us, Claire, Sarah, Alex, Iain and myself heading on towards Laleham. All the time pushing into the current and a stiff breeze. There were signs of spring everywhere as the afternoon warmed up, so the bird life increase.

Laleham Wharf

Once at Laleham, we rested and refueled. Thanks to Alex who brought some Chocolate Chip cookies, they really helped. All that was left was the gentle glide back to Weybridge on the current and being pushed along by the breeze.

We meet a couple of other paddle boarders on the way back, they were please the know that DPB had opened a Paddle Base locally to them.

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