Ok, now I have your attention, you will have to read down to see if we went in 😎

Paddling west on the Grand Union Canal

As mentioned in a previous blog, Social Paddling is at the heart of what we do. We have a small but growing Group in West London, lead by Anna and Andy. They are out most weekends and one evening a week during the main Summer months, weather permitting.

Anna passing the Paddington Branch

On Spring Bank Holiday, a small group of adventurers decided to paddle on another part of the Grand Union Canal that was rarely visited. We met at Norwood Green Lock, Southall. Pumped up and headed West.

We had a following wind pushing us along at a go pace. Passed the back gardens of suburban homes, commenting on the variety of them all and how some embrace the Canal and some ignore it all together. This first stretch is a mix of suburban houses and flats.

Grand Union in late Spring

Soon we were passing Southall Green with people out enjoying the weather and exercising. People walking along the towpath and interested to see us out on the water. I guess they don’t have many Paddleboarders out this way.

After the park we came to a more industrial area, where some of the old factories and warehouses were being replace with more blocks of flats. However, we were surprised to see that some recent blocks had ignored the canal and left the bank to return to nature and not use some of it as a resource for the residences.

Paddling Back to the Pub

Passed Hayes High Street we went and onward west. Google showed what appeared to be a café and a waterside pub. Being Surrey Paddlers we are spoilt by the wonderful waterside pubs we have. We missed the Woolpack Pub as it was high on the bank behind bushes, and nearly missed the Café. It too was high on the bank.

Helen went to investigate and came back to say it was closed and was just a Caf’ for the industial estate. So it was back to find the Woolpack. I hoped off my board and headed up the path and as soon as I saw the pub I laughed, took the picture below and returned to Helen, Anna and Stephen. I explained what I had seen and showed them the photo. If they were happy to go in, then who was I to stop them!!

The Woolpack pub

After the hilarity had died down we decided that this time going into a Strip Club in full paddleboarding gear might not be the best thing to do 😁🤪

We headed back to Hayes High Street and stopped in at The Old Crown, and although they didn’t do food, they let us bring some in from one of the many shops in the excellent high street.

Can you see what we had?

After lunch, it was just the small matter of paddling into the Easterly Wind, which wasn’t to bad and there was lots of shelter. Apparently, we did it in the same time as the Westward journey. We really must have enjoyed the SUP Sail in the morning ⛵🏄‍♀️

Beautiful Spring Colours

West London is an interesting and at times beautiful place to paddle. It can also be very urban. But it is never dull and I thoroughly recommend giving it a go and joining one of our West London Social Paddles over the Summer. Checkout the Calendar for details.