Dittons Paddle Boarding

Hampton Hot Tub

25 Jan 2020

It’s amazing how a conversation in a bar can lead to an afternoon of training and FUN!

We decided to run a couple of sessions, one novice, one advanced. The Novices were learning board skills and getting comfortable moving around the board. The Advanced Paddlers were learning Step-back Turns and lots of self rescue!

All the paddlers were loving the conditions of being outside, but with really warm water to fall into. It meant that everyone was able to push the envelope and not worry about getting wet or falling into cold and at this time of year, fairly dirty water. We even had one member try and emulate SpaceX and launch their board vertically out of the pool.

Once the main sessions were over, it was games time. Relay races and step-back turn races. All great fun and good to test the drysuits to see if they really are dry. Fortunately, they still are!

After we had dried off and packed away. We headed for the Pub and another DPB Social ensued. Not sure when the last person got home!!

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