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7 June 2020

And so group training is back, all be it on a reduced scale. We had 3 groups today. Two beginner Improvement Classes and one Taster Session.

Brett leading the class

Under to current Social Distancing rules only 6 people are allowed to go out in a group together. So we had 4 Students, 1 coach and 1 helper. We stayed close to the shore and concentrated on improving paddle stroke, safety and turning. Getting the student more comfortable with their boards.

This way please

We even for some had some self rescue training. If you’re not Wiping Out, you’re not trying hard enough. Still they had lots of fun.

The first group, who had never met each other then went off for a practice paddle together after the lesson. New friendships being made. New Paddle Buddies getting to know each other.

New Boards

The second session was taken by Sally and followed a similar course. Again with some keen on practicing self rescue. It is great to see very new in experienced paddlers, with their new boards, learning new skills and really beginning to control and enjoy their boards. Even if some were a little damp.

Paddling past the Palace

Finally, it was our first Taster Session of the season. The students were keen to try this new sport and very soon Claire had them practicing Prone Paddling and getting up and down from the kneeling position. Here again the keenness of the students came to the for as they were determined to push themselves, until they needed to self rescue. They were pleasantly surprised that the water wasn’t too chilly.

Looking confident

Finally we had happy students, eager to get their own boards and join the club.

If you would like to join in the fun and help support us, why not become a member.

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