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Weybridge Wobblers

13 June 2020

We had a great weekend of training. Firstly at our Weybridge Training Base and then at our Thames Ditton Base, Ditton Beach.

We had two groups of Beginner Improvers and one Taster session. We are also training coaches. This means that our groups were smaller than normal due to the Covid-19 regulations. Strict distancing was observed , which as most paddlers know is easy to do out on the water.

We also had a 1-to-1 session with Coco, our chief coach. She was concentrating on improving the stroke technique of one of our more experience paddlers.

The Beginner Improvement class are for those how might have been on one of our Taster Sessions and have bought a board of their own. Learnt how to fall in and self rescue and are now looking for the next bit of guidance, to help turn them into better paddlers. These skill included improved paddle stroke, braking and turning. Along with improved safety and conditions awareness.

The four Taster Session student, got a good introduction to the sport, one learnt how to self rescue and the importance of staying calm in the water. All stood up and two liked it so much they have gone out and bought a couple of Red Paddle Co, 11’3″ Sport boards. That’s dedication for you!

Whilst we were out on the Taster Session, one of our trainee coaches rescued a baby pigeon from the water that had fallen out of its nest. It was take to the local wildlife rescue centre. I hope it is ok?

We will be running regular training from out Weybridge Base. Please check the Training page for details. We are booking week by week during the Covid Crisis, to make sure we can deliver all course.

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