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Wey Adventure

6th October 2019

By Sandy Hurton

On 6th Oct 2019 Anya Sandy Anduck and Sheelagh were between Pyford and Ridley, Surrey; on the water for a wake up and go 10am start.

The peace and quiet, the morning air full of dew just breathes a new life into the body! It was the most spectacular green lily pad/cattle/horse in pastures paddle with the weather just fresh and clear.

It was so fantastic of Anya to have challenged us with getting in and out of the canals over and around a giant step lock, huge fallen trees, under weeping willows, all size bridges, grassy/muddy/(watch out for the nettle) entrances and exits, finishing off with a monastery ruin and a flow with swans.

I simply want to do the same thing again each and every Saturday!!!!

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