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Weekday Evening Paddles

4th July 2019

With the warmer weather eventually arriving, the Midweek Evening Paddles have really got going. With 2 of our Paddle Bases, Thames Ditton and Weybridge, offering the chance to head out onto the water after a hard day at work, to relax and take in the wonderful river and nature around us.

This week the Thames Ditton group headed upstream, passed the ferry boats working the Hampton Court Flower Show and Molesey Lock to the islands near Hampton and Hurst Park.

Passing Hampton Court Palace

The days had cooled to a soothing warmth and the Guys took their shirts off to let the gentle breeze blow over their rarely exposed skin. Yes, some of it was quite pale! The Ladies decided, this wasn’t for them and kept a sense of decorum 🙂

As you can see, we almost had the river to ourselves, with the water conditions almost perfect. Tim was practicing walking about his board. He does this with such ease and no he didn’t fall in and rarely does. Viola and Jo, wafted along beautifully practicing different paddle strokes.

Finally, we all returned to The Albany for a well earned “Recovery Drink”!

If you would like to try Paddle Boarding, checkout our Training page where we have 2 Training Bases. Or if you have a board and would like to join us for a paddle, you might like to become a member, it’s only a small fee.

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