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Thames Ditton Triers

Already Ditton Beach was busy by the time we arrived. Although it was only twenty past nine, it looked like it was mid afternoon with the numbers on the beach. So, for safety reasons, we set up in a less popular spot on the beach.

All set up

As with our Weybridge sessions yesterday, there were 3 classes, one Beginner Improvement class and two Taster Sessions, this time. The Improver session was taken by Martin, who is one of our Racers and arrived on his Starboard Sprint board. Very lovely it was too! He was going to teach better paddle stroke techniques and board control.

Martin takes the class

The Students who had recently purchased their boards where keen the get the most out of them and their new sport. All were moving their boards more efficiently at the end and some were positively flying along!

A coaches discussion, what could they be talking about?

We then had the Taster Session. As with these session there is a mix of abilities. After outlining the risks of the river, we got onto the fun stuff. Getting the students to play with their boards on the water before moving off and to start to stand up.

How long?

Some got straight up and were naturals, others needed to be given more guidance as to how to get from kneeling to standing, when on something as unstable as a paddle board. We managed to get everyone up, even if it was for a few seconds. It take a lot sometimes to teach the brain what you are standing on. Especially if you haven’t done much sport for a few years. It’s a lot to take in.

Playing with their boards

All the students, had a great time, if the smiles and chatting afterwards, was anything to go by. Most were interested in buying boards and wanted information as to cost and what is best. Social Distancing with our smaller groups is easy to maintain.

Training by Hampton Palace

We will be setting up our next sessions this week for next weekend. We will also be running sessions during the week for family groups and groups of friends, upon request.

Head Coach, Coco, heads for home

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