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May 4th 2019

DPB ran a couple of training sessions on Star Wars day with seven paddlers feeling The Force. Well the Force of the wind. There was a strong Northerly blowing, with gusty squalls and the odd heavy downpour. Great conditions to learn.

High 5

In the morning we had a small group testing out their new SPS Boards and improving their paddle skills. Coco lead the group to our sheltered training area on the River Mole, where they were out of the worst of the gusts.

Taster Group with the new F2 Boards

The two ladies had a great time using their new boards and improve and being more efficient with their paddle stroke.

Walking up to The Mole

By the time of the Taster Session in the the afternoon, the weather hadn’t improved much, but still we had 5 Virgin Paddlers will and able to give the wonderful sport of paddle boarding a go in trying conditions. The Session was again run by Coco and this time we had our new F2 boards. Everyone was impressed with the build quality and how they handled in the water, tracking, etc..

Standing on The Mole

Again the session took place on the Mole and everyone styled dry. They encountered some very strong gusts or Mini-Hurricanes as one of them described. The students were rewarded with all their hard work by paddling back to Ditton Beach, or should I say being blown back to the beach on a strong Northerly wind.

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