Dittons Paddle Boarding

7th April 2019

Just two of us today, the cold grey weather was keeping the paddlers inside or in the pub watching the Boat Race. Well done to Cambridge and James Cracknell.

We wanted to explore one of the backwaters of The Wey or so we thought. Having not consulted a map beforehand, neither of us really knew where we were heading. I though the backwater would come to an end very soon at a weir from the main River Wey. Where, as in fact, we WERE on the main River Wey as opposed to The Wey Navigation, It can get very confusing sometimes.

After launching from D’Oyly Carte Gardens, we headed across to The Wey at Thames Lock then round under the iron road bridge at the end of Weybridge High Street and then keep paddling. We just keep going, passed some very big houses and going into the woods. It was at this point we were both reminded of the movie Southern Comfort or was it Deliverance? We even had static caravans and people wearing strange underwear standing on their porch. All this in Surrey?

Paddling on under a railway bridge where the current was beginning to increase against us. We were going up hill. Then all of a sudden we could see some parked airliners and there was Concorde. We had entered into the Brooklands area and were passing the Brooklands Museum. We passed some canoeist coming the other way and pushed on upstream, passed a couple of fast flowing rapids. Finally, we came across a very fast flowing rapid which we couldn’t pass at this time. We decided to turn for home. We had a great run back in quick time, riding the current.

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