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Sunsets and Moonlight

12 Sept 2019

September is a wonderful time to go for an evening paddle. Even on the most unpromising evening the paddler can be rewarded by some stunning vistas.

Wednesday we were out from our Weybridge Paddle Base. Anthony came along for his first paddle with us although this was his backyard, we still managed to show him some fresh water he hadn’t paddled before.

Up round past The Old Crown and towards the weir with the Wey Navigation. The Old Crown has spent some money on it jetties and now is a great place to stop off for a refreshment. The jetties are at a good height for Paddle Boarders.

Then it was back downstream, passed the open water swimmers at Sheppeton Lake, where we were treated to a lovely sunset. We left Anthony as he headed for his home and we had a session back to our Paddle Base at Elmbridge Canoe Club.

Thursday Evening we were Paddling from our Thames Ditton Paddle Base. For the evenings, this is The Albany Pub. There were 6 of out, with Julia out on her Tiki board. New to her and it was great to have her along as she has been coming occasionally since we started. But now she has her own board and is getting fully involved.

We headed upstream, stopping off to say hello to our Chief Coach Coco who was stay on a boat moored next to Hampton Court Palace. We hopped up the portage ramp at Molesey Lock and headed round the Hampton Islands.

At this point the clouds cleared and the we were treated to a lovely after glow of the setting sun. Then the Full Moon came out from behind the clouds.

We turned for home and followed the rising Moon. Stunning colours from all the lights from the road and the Paddlers head torches. We ended the evening as we do most evenings chatting over a beer in the garden of The Albany.

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