Dittons Paddle Boarding

Summer Evening Paddles

27th July 2019

It is one of the delights of living within an easy drive of the River Thames and being a member of Dittons Paddle Boarding, that we always have someone to go for a paddle with and different places to paddle. Not the same old bit of water. All this at very little cost. We recognise that you have already spent a lot of money on a board and paddle, plus a license to use the waterways of the UK. Why then have to spend more to go for a paddle. That is the ethos of DPB, all are welcome and if you want to become a member, then that would be lovely and help us keep on doing what we love and encouraging others to join in.

The last few weeks, with the long evening and warm weather we have had some lovely evening paddles from a number of our bases. There are paddles every Wednesday from our Thames Ditton and Weybridge Paddle Bases. Then again on Thursday evening from Thames Ditton. Our Woking and Guildford bases tend to go out more sporadically, but as demand grows these will turn into regular weekly sessions.

If you have a board and would like to come along to one of our evening paddles, they are free. You own the board and we don’t own the river, everyone does. We like to share and welcome other paddlers to our growing community. Please contact us if you would like to come along, so we can welcome you and make sure we don’t leave without you 🙂

If you do own a board, why not become a member and join in the fun.

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