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Paddling in Lockdown

30 May 2020 by Brett Scillitoe

It’s been a while since the last post. There we were having fun in Hampton Pool. How different the world is now. We as a club did brilliantly and you can be very proud of yourselves as we stayed off the water, until “They” said we could go back out for a paddle 😁

Then, there was no holding back. The WhatsApp groups lit up and members were buddying up all over the waterways of Surrey and Berkshire. Our Maidenhead base was quick off the mark and loving the empty river.

We all soon followed and loved having the river to ourselves. No rowers or pleasure craft.

But then we noticed lots of new people out on their boards. So, in the best traditions of DPB, we welcomed them to join our growing community of Crazy Paddlers.

New friendships have been made as people find kindred spirits in other paddlers. Some even bought themselves some lovely new kit!

Soon we will be able to paddle in bigger groups and then the fun will begin. Stay safe and if you see a newbie, ask if they have heard of us.

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