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Activity - Safari

Paddle Boarding to The Weir

We had a great mini safari today from Hurst Park to the Weir Hotel just past Sunbury Lock.

Paddle Boards neatly parked at The Weir

Pumping up in the sunshine, the day was set fair with low wind. We paddled as a group, past Platts Eyot up to Sunbury Court Island, pausing for refreshment.

Taking the quiet route between the land and the Island, then back into the mainstream, we were at Sunbury Lock shortly afterwards, making our way to the side and one by one walking up the portage to the higher level.

Moored Paddle Boards Ahead 😁🤙

A short paddle later and we were at the Weir Hotel, arriving ahead of schedule. Leaving our boards on the bank and making good use of the time waiting for the pub to open, we took the opportunity for a cooling dip. After trying to work out the online menu, staff appeared, and lunches and drinks followed soon.

Ready to Paddle home

After we were all fed and watered, we launched our boards to head back

Floating on the current

Avoiding the Sea Cadets, we made our way back down the portage, heading back to Hurst Park; stopping on route for hydration, we arrived back at Hurst Park on schedule.

With only one thing left to do, we were back in the water for another cool off, a great way to end the safari.

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