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Mowing the Fox

2 Feb 2020

Who would have though that February was a good time to go for a paddle through part of Southern England? Well 12 of us did today. We are slowly exploring all parts of The Basingstoke Canal. Having recently done the Aldershot to Fleet Sections and the Odiham section, we thought why not try and fill in the missing bit. Well that was the ambition 🙂

Having been in discussion with Paddleboarding Maidenhead recently, we decided that this would be an ideal place to have a join paddle. I also put the shout out in Facebook that we would be paddling here.

We agreed to meet at The Fox and Hounds in Fleet. Tara arrived from Maidenhead with 3 others. The Steve and Lesley joined us as they live locally and had seen the Facebook post. The final 6 were all from DPB’s various paddle bases. That’s the joy of DPB, one big happy paddling family.

After pump up and pix, we were off. Heading steadily South West into a cool breeze, with leaden skies. Anthony from Maidenhead was on his 4th outing and was doing well to keep up. The only major obstacle was a very low swing bridge. We had to lay down for that one and mind our heads. Very Low! The rest of the paddle we where looking at some wonderful countryside and delightful canal-side cottages, with their slightly bemused owners coming to watch us go by and wish us good day.

Having consulted the map, we realised that with current wind conditions and the needs for some to get back at a reasonable hour, Odiham, was not going to be possible. However, The Barley Mow, was just round the next bend. Those that had to head back left us for the paddle back, while the rest of us headed to the pub, who were very accommodating, although fully booked, made room for us. Most had the roast, after all it is Sunday! Steve and Lesley, had brought lunch with them and were happy to look after the boards, which was very kind of them 🙂

Sunday Roast at The Barley Mow

So full of Roast, it was very good, we headed back. Passed the fishermen and the dog walkers, who were a little surprised to see such a large group of paddle boarders. Back under the low bridge and The Fox and Hounds. The weather remained dry and we did see the sun very briefly.

Back to the Fox and Hounds

All agreed it was a good day out and must do it again soon. If you want to get involved, why not become a member.

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