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By Brett Scillitoe 21 Nov 21
Photos: Diana Thorne, Glenn Clifford & Brett

It’s been a long time since our last Hot Tub Session. The world is a very different place in many respects. But one thing is still the same, having fun whilst training on a warm swimming pool, that hasn’t changed. Just as good as it used to be back in early 2020.

We are back for a series of winter training. We will be running various sessions, including Taster Session for those who can’t wait for the summer to try the wonderful sport of Paddle Boarding.

Pron paddling
Warm-up race – Charge of the Paddle Brigade

Saturday’s session started with an advanced class of Step-back Turn tuition. After a quite warm-up, I took the beginners and Tim Scott, the coach that walks around his board like it’s his living room, took the group that had managed it a couple of times, but wanted to build their confidence.

The first thing on the agenda was jump into the lovely warm water. After that it was getting the students to start spinning. In the end we all were jumping up and down the boards, doing pirouettes and generally walking about the boards without a care. We did fall in a lot!

Falling in
Falling in

After the spins came the race paddling that some of us had been taught by Emily King and we were now passing on the others. We were racing up and down the pool.

After the Advanced Training, it was time for the Dittons Dolphins to practice their SUP Polo skills and drills. We aim to beat BlueChip one day. It is a fantastic sport and very fast paced. Some of the Student from the earlier session stayed on to have a go. All loved it.

Moon lit SUP Polo Training
Moon lit SUP Polo Training

Finally, it was off to The Prince of Wales for one of our Winter Social Socials where regardless of whether you have paddle or not, we meet up for a drink and a chat. All Paddle Boarders are welcome to these Socials. Look out in the calendar for the next Hot Tub and Socials we have over the Winter.

Some of the gang
Pub Fun

If you would like to come and have a go in the Hot Tub and Support the club, why not Become a Member.

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