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Hampton Hot Tub 3

By Brett Scillitoe

7 March 2020

With this being our third visit to Hampton Pool, we are getting the hang of the place and our set up. This session was by far the most successful. We had 9 students, two beginners, four intermediate and three advanced.

Coco was taking the Advanced, Martin and I were shearing the Intermediates and Claire had Kate and Benit to introduce to the wonderful world of paddle boarding.

The lighter evenings were noticeable with the whole session taking place in daylight. Coco’s Advanced group were doing some amazing things. Anya and Tina were standing on the tale of their boards and paddling them up and down and through the other classes. It was very skillful.

Martin and I were getting our students to move around the boards more, getting confident to walk up and down, step-back turns and cross step forwards and back.

There was lots of falling in and self rescue. The student, were very tired at the end, but most importantly they were very happy with themselves as they were all moving more easily on the board.

Finally, we finished off with a few races, with the students showing off their newly learnt skills. Kate one of the beginners even did a step-back turn. This was her first lesson! This is why I coach, I love to see people do things they never thought they could.

Finally after packing up, we headed to the Prince of Wales for a well earned drink. If you want to get involved, why not become a member.

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