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Hampton Hot Tub 2

8 Feb 2020

We were back at Hampton Pool again today. We had a couple of novices and 8 experienced paddlers wanting to improve their paddle stroke skills and yes, step back turns.

It is amazing the confidence a very warm swimming pool does for walking about on a board.

This time we were more efficient with pumping up and getting everything set up. It’s a good workout pumping up 10 boards. OK, I didn’t do them all myself. There was lots of help. That’s the benefit of the DPB community, we all muck in and get things done. It helps keep the cost of our training down, thus helping the membership.

We started this time with everyone doing a quick warm up, by paddling up and down the pool in different ways. The the group split and I took the experienced paddlers whiles Sally and Lauren looked after the Novices.

It is great the see at the improvement the members make in an hours lesson. Especially with step-back turns. Everyone is eager to try out their new skills on the river, if only it would stop raining!

We finished up the session with a couple of relay races, which at always great fun as you really need to know who to stop and turn a board. There were lots of members using the improved paddle stroke and step-back turn.

Finally, after we all dried the boards and packed them away, it was off to the Prince of Wales pub for a few recovery drinks. We were also met my some of our other members just our to join us for the social.

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