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Halloween Howl – 21

1 Nov 21 By Brett Scillitoe

We have been having Halloween Paddles since our first year 2017 and they have been fun, select groups. This year was something else. With a lot more new friends (that’s what we are at Dittons Paddle Boarding – Friends), it was time to Party.

I arrived in The Albany car park to be met with all sorts of creatures and ghouls. Some quite hideous! And it was half an hour to pump up time. To say they were keen is something of an understatement.

Very soon we were ready to go, the early arrivers were out on the water and scaring the birds and amusing the pub customers. Especially when they walked through the dinning area. There were Witches, skeletons, ghosts, Frankenstein, a shark, a Dead Mexican Mariachi Band member, the Joker or 2, a Pink Flamingo, to name but a few. It was hard at times to workout who was who. Some I didn’t recognise until I got back to the pub!!!

There were lights of all descriptions lot make sure that we adhered to the river rules of showing a light. Well, there were loads of lights!!

First, we headed up to Hampton Court Palace to say hello to Henry’s ghosts. He created a few! And then under the bridge to scare the drivers and pedestrians.

We then headed downstream and round Thames Ditton Island to The Olde Swan to scare their punters. Finally, we were blown back upstream to The Albany for the Party to begin.

We had drinks and a pre ordered meal and lots and lots of laughs. Whoever said Halloween was for kids. They haven’t met the members of Dittons Paddle Boarding. We know how to have fun.

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