Dittons Paddle Boarding

Halloween Horrors

31 Oct 19

Our 3rd Halloween Paddle was our best yet, considering the conditions this Autumn. We met at our Thames Dittons winter base, The Albany Pub in Queens Road and prepared for an evening of fun.

Some had new costumes and others (me) had forgotten the batteries to some lights 🙁

Once on the water the fun started, gently gliding up to moored boats and peering in to see who was inside. Some we gave a gentle fright to, but most took it in the spirit it was meant.

We practiced our wolf howls under Hampton Court Bridge, which has one of the best echos anywhere. Although some were more Chihuahua. Still it amused the commuters on their way home crossing the bridge above.

Then it was back down passed the Albany to Thames Ditton Island and the Olde Swan Pub. Normally there are quite a few people and children around, but this year it was quite, apart from us nutters paddling around in the dark howling.

Finally, back to base and a beer and food and a chat with the gang of ghouls. A Fun evening to be out on the water.

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