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Guildford to Peashmarsh and back.

Guildford to Peashmarsh and back.
Heading into Guildford

7th of July 2019

Every paddle is different. The difference in the weather, the amount of paddlers joining, speed, location etc. this makes each paddle even more unique and enjoyable. Today there were only two of us, on a slightly drizzly sunday morning. We pumped and launched at the Walnut tree Close car park in Guildford. It was one of those days we only had a limited amount of time, one of us had to be back for a family BBQ. We decided to paddle south for one hour and then back again. Lets see how far we get? When there are fewer people on a paddle it is easier to paddle a little faster, every paddle is different. We made it as far as Peashmarsh. Great paddle as always, even the weather got better!

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