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Get on Board – Say no to plastic pollution event

21st June 2019

A few of us headed off to Kew on the longest day of the year. We were there to join a few more others, in fact over 200 other paddle boarders.

After registration and the safety briefing from Paul of Active360, who were helping organise the event, we headed for the water. We were give bright green tabards and those without boards were given their boards. I spotted our 5, F2 boards we had loaned the organisers. They looked very smart.

Once on the water, we drifted gently on the incoming tide, picking up plastic as we found it. So more adventurous paddlers landed and pulled all sorts of rubbish onto their boards.

After a brief pause by The London Apprentice Pub, Isleworth, we headed for Richmond on mass. It was a fine sight, with many people on the banks waving and shouting words of encouragement.

Finally, after landing near Ham House, we headed back on foot to Bingham Riverhouse, were an after party was hosted, with a free drink and food.

It was great fun to be with so many paddlers on the water. Next years even will be on a Sunday, so should be even bigger.

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