Dittons Paddle Boarding

Bowers Lock loop

by Anya Williamson

Tonight we paddled the Bowers Lock loop. Big black clouds were gathering, we watched them and looked at each other said Oh well and off we went.

Last time I did the loop a few trees had fallen across the river which made it difficult to pass. We took a chance not knowing how far along the loop we would get. The threatening black clouds cleared and it turned out to be a perfect paddle evening.

We were in luck, somebody had taken the trouble to cut away the worst of the fallen trees and we were able to complete the loop. In places we had to duck, lay down due to obstacles and paddle very fast in parts of the river where the flow was very strong.

We said ‘if feels like paddling in a mangrove’. We spotted TWO kingfishers, a heron, swans, ducks and a pigeon. Paddling off the beaten track, away from traffic, people and other sounds is so peaceful.

We reached the weir and found the perfect place to bypass it. With all this in mind next time this one has to be done in reverse so we can go with the flow, fast.🏄

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