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Twelve Paddle Boarders from Dittons paddled the whole of the Wey Navigation Sunday 10th September 2023, which has become an annual event on the calendar. This is the 4th time Dittons have hosted this event and it has become very popular indeed! A 32km trip along the canal navigating 14 locks starting at Godalming Wharf and finishing on the Thames at Elmbridge Canoe Club.

It was a nice early start 8am and a lovely morning, we were in the September heat wave! It was going to be hot, hot, hot so lots of sun cream applied, hats adorned and lots of water taken on board our SUPs.

We kept the pace slower than previous years to adjust to the heat and every lock was a delight! It was great to meet new members and we all moved around to talk to different people, it also helps take your mind of the distance you are doing!

As it was hot we had a few swim stops to cool us down. Most on purpose but a few accidental! We made our half way point to the New Inn at Send around 1pm which meant time for a rest, refuel and toilet break. Two people finished the safari here which is always an option if you only want to paddle half the Wey.

After 40 minutes we got back on the water for 2nd half of the journey. It had become very muggy so a few more dips in the canal were required.

We had the water to ourselves near enough, as Paper Court lock was closed for repairs, so no barges or boats, it was great!

We got to the Anchor in Pyrford and a few of us stopped for a well deserved ice cream before we paddled the longest stretch of the Wey without a lock which is roughly 5K.

We finally reached New Haw lock and then it is only a short distance to Thames Lock, the home straight to Weybridge on the Thames.

We arrived at Elmbridge Canoe Club about 6pm and then a few had a much deserved swim!

Thanks to everyone who joined the Safari. Great company and great weather, what more could you ask! If you want to join us next year look out for the date in the calendar, it is usually the 1st/2nd week of September.

Bit of Karaoke always makes the Safari go quicker!

By Jacky Fenton 11th February 2023

Photo’s by Brett

We returned to the Hot Tub for a series of Winter training in the luxurious warm waters of Hampton Pool.

Lovely 28º pool

7 lovely people joined us for the Taster session, some complete beginners and some with a little experience. The session started with a brief run down of the board, leash and paddle set up. Basic turns were shown on dry land before everyone got in to put it to practice. After about 10 minutes of turning and trying to paddle straight, it was time to try standing.

Learning how the paddle fits together.
Practicing turning.

Some looked worried about this prospect but after we showed them the basics everyone was standing and paddling up and down the pool. Some fell in a little, some a lot, but the pool is so warm it really doesn’t matter. Near the end of the session everyone was asked to jump in and practice self rescue. This is such an important skill to learn and unfortunately one that gets neglected, “How do you get back on when you fall off”? Again everyone mastered the basics. We all wear floatation devices too so no need to worry if you are not a strong swimmer.

Mastering Standing

A great evening was had by all and everyone did amazingly and most of all it was fun!

We also ran our Dittons Dolphins SUP Polo training with drills and skills. It is great fun and great to be able to train in a warm pool as there is a lot of falling in! Anyone can join so why not come along and try it. You will have loads of fun!

Running around the board to get the ball.

Our next taster session is on April 8th at 6pm, if you want to join us follow this link Booking Hot Tub SUP Taster 🏄🏻‍♂️🏄‍♀️ for 4/8/23 – Dittons Paddle Boarding – Club (fareharbor.com)

If you want to try SUP Polo the next session is on 11th March at 7pm follow this link to book Booking Hot Tub SUP Polo 🏄🏻‍♂️🏄‍♀️ for 3/11/23 – Dittons Paddle Boarding – Club (fareharbor.com)

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